Nuki bridge stuck at 2.3.0


I bought a new Nuki bridge at the hornbach a month ago
And it is stuck at firmware 2.3.0

Whatever I do, there is no update, so I cannot connect my Nuki 3.0 lock.

I tried the http commands, to start the firmware update
The light start to blink but afterward it is still on 2.3.0
Tried it 50 times

Resets, other WiFi networks,

Got it untouched after adding to the WiFi network for days
No update. Still 2.3.0

Is it broken? Or is there a solution for this?
How about warranty? Or do this not work when it is
Stuck at a firmware? On the other way it is useless now

Please contact our support via the Nuki App (Menu > Help > Contact Customer Support).
This forum is focused on developer related issues.

Same issue how do you fix it…