Nuki Bridge + power outage

I am doing an integration project and want to know more about how Nuki lock and bridge setup treats power outage.
I have two main questions

  1. Can Nuki Bridge reinitialize itself? As far I seen if I unplugged and re-plugged or simply switched of the electricity support for the Bridge I need to press the Bridge button for 10 sec and init it and also need to add the wifi connection to it again. This means someone have to be there physically to do the setup again. Does this the expected scenario? Is there a way to do the reinit with the Web API?

  2. The users will book appointment and get a PIN code so they can unlock the lock. In case the Bridge is offline by calling the Web API and creating a PIN I get back success response, but since the Bridge is offline it is not synced to the Lock and it won’t work. Also it seems even if I call smartlock/sync endpoint the PIN which was created during the outage does not get synced to the Lock. How should be such case treated? Shouldn’t be the PIN which was created with success synced to the lock when the Bridge goes online again?

Please if anyone have useful information let me know.

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No, this is not the expected scenario. I am not aware of an issue similar to yours where the bridge works until unplugged and then needs to be set up again.
Is the Wifi-connection really lost? How do you check that it is offline?
If this really happens as you describe this could only be a hardware error and you would need to contact our support at or via phone for a replacement-check.
They can also try to help ruling out other problems first.

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A PIN (as any authentication) is only created directly on the Smart Lock, not on the server, so it can be a bit tricky, that you will only know if it has really been created without a problem by fetching the SmartlockAuths again, yes. (This is due to our design of the Smart Lock being fully independet from cloud services in local-only usage and maybe be not clear to the Web API user. I will try to adress this in an upcoming update of the documationen and we are aware that improvments on the API itself regarding this would be needed.)

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You were right, the Bridge do set itself up in case I switch off the electric supply for it. That is very good news! :slight_smile:
To be honest at this point I am not sure how to check properly if the Bridge is online or not other then creating something (PIN, Account) with the Web API.
Is there a way to check on the Bridge if its online or not with API?

What did confused me that with the Nuki mobile app if I go to “Manage my devices” in the side menu and then I select “Bridge” and “Manage Bridge” it tells me that I have to hold the Bridge button for 10sec just like at the initial setup. Which i guess reset the Bridge with wifi and all.

What I observed that when the Bridge offline and I create an Auth object with the Web API it returns with 204, but actually the Auth does not get created at all. I have a scheduled service which checks on the PINs I create and updates the “authId” on my side so later update will be possible. This task does not find the PIN which was crated during the Bridge was offline at all.
So as I can see there are two options:

  1. Keeping the Bridge always online with a UPS
  2. In case the scheduled task finds a PIN which was not created on the lock due to offline Bridge sending a requests till it will be created

Obviously there could be other options which I can not see now, so all ideas welcomed! :innocent:

For PIN codes I think this is the best option at the moment.