Nuki bridge not pingable / not connecting with Lupus alarm system


I tried connecting my Nuki Bridge to the Lupus alarm system as they described it in the Lupus manual, but it is not working and I have some strange behavior from my bridge.

When I open the configuration of the Nuki Bridge in the app I activated the HTTP Quick Connect and the HTTP API. Now to the behavior:

While the configuration mode of the Bridge is active in the app:

  • I can ping the IP and it is responding
  • Nuki Web cannot connect to the bridge
  • Lupus cannot find the Bridge

When I save everything and close the configuration mode on the phone the bridge restarts and then:

  • I ping the IP and the brigde is NOT responding
  • Nuki Web CAN connect to the bridge and lock/unlock the door
  • Lupus still cannot find the Bridge

Is that behavior normal? Because I guess when I cannot ping it, Lupus can also not connect to it.

How can I get a connection to the bridge when she is not in configuration mode on the phone?

I hope you can help me out here :slight_smile:

Kind regards,