Nuki Bridge MQTT Support

Product name

Nuki Bridge


Support MQTT binding for status and commands



  • Topic base configurable
  • Subtopic Bridgeid
  • Subtopic Nukiid
  • LWT for Bridge State
  • Broker Hostname:Port
  • Authentication
  • Payload may be plain or json

Publish Nuki status:

  • Locked/Unlocked state
  • Door open/closed state
  • Bridge online state
  • Nuki online state


  • Lock/Unlock commands from the Bridge API
  • Possibly all the commands from the Bridge API

The MQTT settings may be configured via the App


  • Clean implementation of status push
  • Broker handles multiple connections from Clients (subscriptions), not the Bridge webserver
  • Defined heartbeat by LWT
  • Auto-discovery possibly by announce pushes
  • QoS is part of the protocol
  • No need to manage/process multiple callbacks
  • Serialization is done by the broker
  • Lightweight binary protocol
  • It’s a Standard


Easy integration in:

  • FHEM
  • Home Assistant
  • IOBroker
  • Loxone
  • Direct Communication between infinite MQTT Client Devices

I know that this is currently not on the roadmap.
But if the discussion comes to a new interface, keep mqtt in mind as a standardized protocol over any foreign- or own-proprietary implementations.

Due to the lack of MQTT support I have written a service that enables MQTT for the bridge if you’re interested:


Is this feature planned for near feature?

Would also love to see that happen.

+1 for MQTT support.

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+1 for MQTT support, too

+1 for MQTT support. It would make it easier to justify the need for the Bridge when using the Opener.

+1 for MQTT support

by the way: MQTT nowadays is a common standard in homeautomation - please wake up nuki-team!

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+1 now that IFTTT has become paid!!!

:heavy_plus_sign: :one: from me as well.

One use case I have in mind is a Home Assistant automation which would trigger hallway lights once door is opened. Current poll-based integration introduces a significant delay which makes it unusable in similar scenarios.

Obviously, one could use additional (MQTT-enabled) door sensors, but since from a technical perspective Nuki already has everything to cover that, it’s a shame there’s no native MQTT support.


Is it likely that this most chosen feature will be implemented?
The possibility of integrations will raise exponentially :smiley:


That would really be a huge improvement. However, judging by persistent silence of Nuki employees in this forum, we might not see an implementation.


Could we get a reaction from the Nuki team on this? A lot of people would like to see this feature, is it ever gonna happen? Now that SL3.0 has onboard WiFi it should even be easier to implement.