Nuki bridge losing connection after smart lock update to 2.7.20

Nuki bridge continuously losing internet connection ever since upgrading the smart lock to 2.7.20
Went with 2.6.4 for half a year, never such problem. I also have another smart lock that i kept on 2.6.4, working great.
If i unplug/plug it back it connects, but it doesn’t last long, maybe ~15 minutes before it loses the connection. Also every now and then apparently it connects and i know it does because then i get all my IFTTT notifications as well. Any advice? Is there any way to downgrade to 2.6.4?
Thank you.

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Same problem here only that I have a new system and started with this new fw version.

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Same issue here

I have no issues with v2.7.30 or v2.7.20 like losing connection only with Alexa but it is a old story.
Ewida … the signal may be lost if the router is automatically set to a new channel. If there are several neighbors in the area with the same channel then your router stops the connection and set other channel.
You should set in your router a manual channel from 1 to 11. Update your firmware router.
Try to search wifi channels from smartphone in your area.
I used WiFi Analyzer.

Hi @Basil_Fawlty and @waelewida,

In the case of @Johannes_De_Silentio the Bridge had a hardware defect, therefore the stated behavior was not connected to any Smart Lock 2.0 firmware version.

Could you both please try to reconfigure your Bridge? If that works it would be great to get a few more inputs on the systems you are using (f.ex. if you are using any integration like IFTTT) and what problems you are encountering in detail.

Thanks and best regards

PS: @Miker: Thanks for your investigations and approval :slight_smile:

Problem solved on my end after a complete reset.