Nuki Bridge is connected to wifi but offline

I updated my Unifi AP AC lite yesterday. Since then my Nuki Bridge is connected to the wifi but the status is “not-connected” to the server.

Any suggestions what to do?

kind regards


I have a similar issue with my Nuki Opener. It appears “offline” from app but the Bridge seems to be responding (my router confirms it’s connected via Wi-Fi). Same issue occurred 2 months ago and I had to reset everything (no remote action was possible). It’s really not convenient because I live 400 km from this Nuki Opener.

Have you found a way to solve this problem?


I have this problem - the Nuki Bridge keeps going offline with the new Unifi U6 Lite access point

Same problem here - changed the access point - no fix :frowning:

Anyone got some more information?

There hasn’t been much activity or any solution in this thread.
However, I also have this problem now. According to the app the Bridge is neither connected to any of the devices (2 Locks + 1 Opener) nor to the server. This is in line with the behavior I observe: I cannot access any device from remote (Web or App).
However, in the router interface the Bridge is connected (65Mbit/s) and also uses connections to the Internet.
What is in particular strange: When I access the Bridge via the App, it shows that is has connections to all three devices and the server, and all those connections are shown as “very good”, although this obviously is not correct!

I have the same problem. What I do is unplug and plug the bridge before any (longer) travel.

This is not a real solution. But I am more or less sure it will work for a long time, again.