Nuki blocks manual key, and arent Anke tot turn the nuki knob

After updating nuki to version 2.6.3 nuki block the ability to open the door with a normal key from outside.
Also the knob on nuki itself is very hard to turn.

Only way to open the door is by using the nuki app from my smartphone or using a keyfob.

Is this a new setting in the new firmware or do i need to follow some extra steps?

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Hi Michel

not sure if this is related to the new software. I had the same some time ago, in my case the clutch didn’t pull back anymore and therefore I simply had to turn the key against the force of the Nuki motor.
I recommend you contact standard customer support.


Problem didn’t occurred untill i updated to the last version.
Its not always; if i lock and unlock the door the manual key is useable again but 6 out of the 10 times the motor block the cilinder from turning.

Must be something with the software.

Hi Michel,

If this is happening, is there an error message shown besides the according log entry in the activity log?
Also is this only happening after unlocking the Smart Lock or after locking it as well?


No there arent any error message in the log.
Most of the time it happens with unlocking/open door commando.
I dont use the locking commando often because of the noise it makes. I lock the door by hand every evening…

If I test the lock you van hear a little clicking sound on the end of a commando, if it al works fine. When the lock gets blocked you doent hear the clicking sound.

Send the opening commando 2 or 3 times after each other will complete the command and makes the click sound therebey the lock is useable again.

Before i had updated the lock, there where a lot of motor got blocked message, but the lock was always working normally.
i tought the firmware update fixed that but clearly it only doesn’t report the errors anymore and makes the lock less pratical… there where only people with a nuki KeyFob ofrinvite can now enter my home cause when someone tries to open my door the lock blocks turning the cilinder with a normal key…

Was there a error code displayed next to the previous motor blocked messages?
Please send me a screenshot of the activity log that shows such an error via DM.


I cannot find any of the error messages back in my activity log.
After updating to the latest firmware the problem still occurs but not as random as it was before.
Now the motor blocks the cilinder only after i send a lock command.

So for now i can only lock and unlock the door with my keyfob or mobile-app.
If i lock the door with a keyfob, key on Nuki or my mobile phone, i’m not able to unlock the door with an key or with the knob on the nuki.

I’ve also noticed the if i place the 2 dots on the Nuki on the top and send a lock command, the lock wil turn approachantly 375 degrees.
If i lock the door by hand and place both dots at the top and send an unlock command the locks turns 375 degrees in opposite direction… never 360degrees.

Same if the door in unlocked and i send an open command the lock opens the door but returns always out of the middle and never back on the start position (say 0 degrees)

I have exactly the same problem, but in my case everytime the motor blocks the cylinder from turning. Latest firmware, no log entries in the log…Please help.

Contact support, they have replaced mine after i send them a video, log and diag of the problem.

OK, thanks.


I have the same problem. I installed yesterday a new Nuki at home and I have the same feeling than others users.

Its not always, but sometimes the motor block the cilinder from turning. If you can hear a small clicking sound at the end of the command then its working fine, but suddenly this clicking sound at the end disappear and the cilinder is blocked again. For the moment I cannot see the pattern when is blocked or not but in the registry I cannot see any error.

The question is if the problem is caused by the software (firmware update) or the hardware (nuki replacement).


The clicking sound comes from the clutch. If you don’t hear it, the clutch could not disengage. This could be because of weak batteries, the Smart Lock beeing mounted somehow twisted or a hardware defect.

Please get in contact with the Nuki support through the Nuki App (Menu > Help > Contact customer support).

I have exactly the same issue also exactly after firmware update. The clutch does not disengage any more

same here

Its just a guess, but I had similar issues, and it was because when the lock does the configuration for locking/unlocking, it turns at first until no more movement is possible, and after this it turns just nearly to the end but not full, what is clear for protecting the lock-parts and for that the key doesn’t go broken over time, and can it be that this little bit lesser turning maybe causes this, because it turns a little bit not enough then!? Just a guess!?

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same problem. nuki 3 pro

Hi the key inside to Niki lock won’t come out

I think this is on the nose. Do a full lock or unlock, then either

1, remove the lock itself and check the position of the key. I think the key positions have to be aligned for the emergency function to work.


2, once the command is done, unplug the unit and see if you have more room to move towards lock/unlock. Like above, make sure that the key positions align.