Nuki being tagged w/ suspicious activity in Asus AIProtection

Hi, there

Sanity-check juts to make sure nothing is really wrong here, I have an Asus router with AIProtection enabled.

My Nuki bridge is throwing flags of possible external attacks and I just want to make sure this is a false positive or something I should worry about? Including some screenshots below.

Clicking the Thread link goes to the following: 検索 · Trend Micro for Home


Edit: I had hidden the source IP but I believe this should be fine to disclose, it’s

Hello @carlosroldao

As shortly discussed in private messages, the mentioned CVE-2021-41773 does not apply to Nuki Products since we do not have an Apache HTTP Server running on our devices. This may be simply a false alarm but unfortunately we cannot guarantee that there are no other suspicious things happening on your network.