Nuki battery suddenly empty

I have now had a problem with my Nuki 4 pro twice. The battery is at 80% and 2 days later the door no longer opens because the battery is flat. I did not receive a warning in advance. The battery only lasts about 3 weeks. I have installed firmware 4.3.4. Is it a software problem or is the battery faulty?

Please contact our support via the Nuki App (Menu > Help > Contact Customer Support) as this is an individual problem and might require sharing logs and other sensitive data.

Have you had a resolution?

Since the latest update ive had this happen twice now and my devices are constantly dropping off my network.

Ive gone from having reliable smart locks to having to revert to my key.

No, unfortunately I don’t have a solution yet. If it affects several people, it may be due to the beta update. But I don’t know when the last version was installed and whether that is the reason.

Just been in the beta forums and the wifi issues seem to be related to the 3.9.5 update. I wonder if this is linked to batteru failure, could be the battery is draining faster by trying to reconnect?

I suspect the reason im not getting a warning is because they are always going offline now

are you using the airbnb integration? if yes it is a “known issue”

I don’t think so.

for me this issue started when i connected the airbnb integration via nuki web. disabling nuki web fixed the issue. nuki pro 3.