Nuki Auto-Unlock notification sound but no push message (iOS)?


I am using the newest nuki App on iOS 13.2.2 and Auto-Unlock is working fine.

But there is one strange thing since months:
I configured Auto-Unlock the way, that it will just unlock the door, when arrive in Home-Zone. This is working fine.
Every time when this happens, the nuki App on my iPhone 7 plays a sound including vibration but nothing else (no push message).

Is that really the desired behavior??
I mean if more apps would act like this, one will soon not know why that specific sound was played right now on the iPhone!

So is it possible, that I disable that sound without push message completely? -> That’s what I would prefer.
Or is it possible to get notified only by sound AND message?

in android the same thing happens and there is no way to remove the sound

@nuki could you please disable that annoying sound or make it configurable?

Menu > App Settings > Sound

But then I will disable the sound for all mnotifications from the nuki app, so alos for important one, or?
Which one is to disable Auto-Unlock sound? The first one or the second one?