Nuki auto-lock locks again even though Homekit already locked before

I have 2 auto-lock automations enabled, one in Homekit, that locks the door when it is closed (detected by an AQARA door sensor) and also the nuki standard auto-lock after 5 minutes (In case Homekit fails to lock, which happens sometimes).

But recently ( 1 week from now), the 5 minutes auto-lock instead of checking the lock state before trying to lock, it just try to lock again, making a noise as if it were unlocking a bit and locking again.

This was not happening before, any clue what changed? how to fix it?

Which Smart Lock do you have?
Do you have a Nuki Door Sensor installed too?
Which firmware version is running on your Smart Lock?

I have the Nuki lock 3.0 and the bridge, I don’t have the door sensor, just one from Aqara which I use via Homekit.

The version installed on my lock is: 3.3.5

Please DM me a screenshot of the Smart Locks activity protocol when the problem occurred.

If the problem persists i’d suggest to recalibrate the Smart Lock and test if that helps.

I recalibrated and it appears to have fixed the issue, how does the lock get in the state that needs recalibration?

Usually only when the internal position detection of the Smart Lock does not correlate with the real position of the key. Could be a physical problem (e.g. inner and outer key not fully connected) or a software problem.

Got it, well for now the problem is fixed, I’ll keep an eye on it and let you know any updates

Thanks by the way