Nuki app is not controlling Opener


I have an unknown intercom (bus mode, only 2 wires) with Opener connected to it.
It is working fine when I ring to the intercom at the entrance of the building.

I purchased a BRIDGE to be able to manage “Ring to bell” and “Time table allowance” in order to not be in continuous all the time. Link between my phone / bridge / opener is OK, but when the 2 features ring to bell or timetable are configured, the continuous mode is still there

Not sure this is a hardware issue (as continuous mode working fine) but seems more a software issue (looks like the app is not sending the information to disconnect continuous mode to switch to ring to bell).

I precise I have done a reset of the opener.

I opened the intercom, I basically followed the connection diagram for unknwon intercom with bus mode (red + yellow connected to bus + from supply line, black connected to bus - on digital intercom, orange+green to bus + on digital intercom)

I would really appreciate your help and support :slight_smile: