Nuki app for Samsung gear (Tizen) smartwatch

Product name

For which NUKI product do you want to submint a feature request? Smart Lock 2.0


Quick summary what this request is about.
The smart lock can be controlled with apple watch and android gear watches, but not with Tizen based Samsung gear watches. It probably only takes a simple app to change that.


Detailed description of desired features.
just open, close the smart lock and give the present status when available via the smart hub.


Why is this feature needed? To give samsung gear owner the same possibilities to open the lock with their smartwatch as apple watch and android gear watch owners


How would you like to use this feature?
List all usecases you can think of!
control the actual status of the lock, open or close the lock without taking your smartphone out of your pocket (as your hands may not be free)


Hello, is this moving forward?


I am also very interesting in this feature, in order to control Nuki over the Samsung Smart Watch.
Its there any progress?
Do you need beta testers ? :wink:


The only reason me buying nuki is to get ease access to my house especially when i am holding a lot of bags accordingly, using my smart watch GearS3 will be a great feature not only as a matter of justice (i paid same as apple user😂 but also it will give me the benefits i am looking for.
I am thinking not only open and close the door but also receive the notification especially for the unlocking feature, an adding point is to enable me even to open the map and see my location however as a beginning open/close and notification will be sufficient.


I am very interested in the application for the Samsung Galaxy Watch.
I have the 4G model, and it would be perfect for beach days, because I only usually wear the watch, because I have all the uses on it.
On the watch, he would have a cell phone, credit card and now house keys.
I said, I am very interested.
Is this project still going on?


Hello friends!

I also would like this feature.
i think this wouldn’t be that much work for the Nuki team!

Please create an APP for my Samsung Watch :slight_smile:


I also am very interested in the application for my Galaxy Watch.

Thanks in advance


Me too!!!

Please make it possible to use Samsung Smart Watch to control Nuki!

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same here, please make the App for Samsung Smartwatches.

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Good idea and I’d also welcome the app; but this should rather be in the category “Feature Request”… do you want to use the Feature Request form to do that, otherwise we can copy your text in there-

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Me Too!!!

I also would love this feature!!
Please add nuki lock & nuki opener
feature to the samsung galaxy watch

same here

Look for it in Samsung Store. It’s called NukiFx.


Hi I can’t find it in Samsung store, how can I get it?

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It would be great to have more details on configuration - I put lockerID from Bridge app and token from there too. But it does not work. What I do wrong?

Does someone have a free version?

This is a really poor result for any development. Putting a smart lock on the market without placing an app for samsung smart watches in the store. Sad about this…

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The developed nuki wear os app doesn’t work without a phone so…

Samsung store ? Do you mean Galaxy Store ? I can’t find it there ?