Nuki app authentication

Since updating Samsung note 10 plus to Android 12, opening nuki app only requires authentication the first time. There after opening the app, opens without any security checks. Nuki app security setting is set to require authentication. I contacted nuki via the app but the only reply I got was that the app doesn’t support authentication. !
Hope it is fixed soon, cause now it is relative easy to open the door via the widget by mistake.

Hi! Open nuki app - push the three stripes at the top left of the screen to get the menu open - push on security - enable slider for authentication on app opening. This what you meant?

Yes. Although authentication is selected/ activated, only the first time the app is opened, biometrics authentication is requested. Afterwards the app opens straight away.

And to use the native app locking function of android, instead of nuki!?

When the app is closed via home button, we do not ask for authentication immediately - it takes few minutes to show up again. When force closing the app, it should ask you immediately for authentication.

Exactly, I force close the app but the authentication doesn’t work after the first time.

We’ll have a detailed look at it. Thanks for reporting.

May I ask, is there a telephone number I can call from Greece for support.?