Nuki App and time zone


I’m managing a house in a different country/time zone and I’m having issues setting the limited time access.

My app is set on the local time zone where the smart lock is installed.

My understanding is that when I select the check in time (from the app) for instance, it should use the time zone that I have selected in the app.

But when I click on the little calendar, the default time that shows up ( as current time) is my local time ( which is not the one set in the app).

This is really confusing because it makes me think that the app is still working with my local time and not with the time zone selected in the app, which is the one where the smart lock is.

In the picture you see my local time, and the default time that shows up in the app ( even though I selected a different time zone).

it would be really helpful if when we click the calendar it would also say there what time zone are we working with, just to know exactly what input we’re asked to insert, because right now I don’t really feel comfortable setting up a time, since is not clear what time I’m choosing.

Thank you!