Nuki API stopped working to create Auth records on Lock


We have a Nuki integration for our client where we are are crating Auth records for users with specific date intervals to be able enter the clients venue at the booked time. The system went live last September and the Auth record creation went to all good so far.

Since a few days after user complains we noticed the our regular job which checks if our system is in sync with the Nuki lock tries to recreate a few Auth records because it sees that they are only in our system and not on the lock. (which is true) The Auth create requests are receiving 204 response as usual, but in reality the records are not created on the lock. Also we have another service which checkes the door state and locks it if it is no booking in progress and now the lock state is returning as DOOR_STATE_UNKNOWN.

With the Auth record creation in the Nuki web interface we get the following message:

Is it possible to see more detailed log about why the request didn’t managed to create the Auth.

In the other hand with the Nuki mobile app the lock is reachable, we can open and lock the door which indicate that the lock is connected to the internet.

Any help, suggestion would be much welcomed!
Viktor Pári

Can you send me the ID of an affected device via PM?
Also: You see no error message when trying the same in the Nuki App?