Nuki API often times not available

I’am monitoring the NUKI API since yesterday and I saw a lot of downtime already. I also have it sometimes when I try to open my lock via the API and nothing happens. This is extremely frustrating and we need a local API. Otherwise I will return my device. This API downtime is not acceptable.

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could be their server outage Nuki Status Dashboard – Check the Status of Nuki Services

Hello @BioMajuss,

as @xeno002 pointed out last week we’ve encountered a high workload on our API that impacted the overall performance.

While this was only a temporary situation our teams are working to further improve on the stability of our API.

If you encounter further issues please contact our support team directly.


Unfortunately, I had to find this out too. Here a local API would help a lot with the 3.0 Pro.

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