Nuki API and its inegration

Hi, so i currently have around 15 openers functioning within my apartments, utilizing electronic locks in order for when if someone clicks open on the app, the door automatically opens, ( similar to what hotels have ). I hate the idea of using keys, and prefer everything to be automatic.

Ive been having trouble with some customers who enter the apartment in regards to downloading the application, they feel as if its too complciated to have to install something and then implement a code. The process can take some time and agitate the customers, which leaves me with a no so goo review on airbnb and booking.

My goal with the API was to utilize it in respect to not having to use the NUKI app in order to allow clients to open and close their apartment doors. Ive made the function so that it creates the user, inegrates the user with designated time etc into the device, but once i reach that point, im stuck. This is due to the fact that clients would recieve an email regarding the 9 letter code in order to access said device, meaning they would have to use the app.

I would just like to know if its possible that if i generate the code within my business email account, websource it through python to locate the 9 letter code, and implement it into a gui button on a link within a website ive created, that, if it all works correctly, clicking the button on the link will open the door.

The problem i have with that is that i feel that it wont quite work, another option was just to create a function with every smartlock id connecting to a link in respect to the ‘unlock’ UI. This can work, however, it wont be able to utilize bluetooth due to the fact that the link dosent access current loction, and when i would open the device using that specific ‘unlock’ UI, it would just say in the activity log that ‘nuki web’ unlocked it.

I know what ive written may be a bit of a mess, but if someone can help me out it would be amazing. Thanks!


Unfortunately, the invite code should be redeemed through the Nuki app. But we have a feature in our 2024 roadmap to open the Smart Lock/Opener from another way rather than downloading the Nuki App. We cannot comment more on it yet but your feedback is considered.