Nuki Android App 2.6.5-Beta crashes on startup

I just installed the Nuki Android App 2.6.5-Beta but it crashes on start up. I have already send feedback with logs through the app store but I thought I report it here as well.

Using pretty much vanilla Android 10 (OnePlus 6T).

Ok weird, I reverted back to an old backup (2.6.2) and when I checked the app store the latest beta is 2.6.4. Guess it’s been pulled already.

yeah, they know this issue.
how did you get back without loosing the config?

PS: i’m also have a 6t

I’m rooted and use TitaniumBackup for backing up my apps including config.

Yes, the latest Beta has already been removed and a fixed version should be available soon.

@PharaDos You can opt out of Beta in the Play Store and deinstall the Beta version and reinstall the latest public one, which should keep your devices (if you do not delete all data). We just can not guarantee that you will not loose your devices, so you should only do it if that would be no issue for you. Else please wait for the new version.

ok thanks, i think i will wait. Hope that GooglePlay will release the new Version fast

Must use my Wife to let me in :slight_smile:

2.6.5 version online now. Working fine. Good work staff