Nuki and wear os

Hi! is it possible to connect Nuki with smartwatch ticwatch pro LTE wear os without using the smartphone?

As far as i Know not is possible at the moment, i have try all nuki firmware and app versions.
I don’t know if is nuki software problem or wear OS (nobody clarifies this issue)
Tic watch pro 2020
wear os 2.19 (H)
nuki android app 2.7.0
nuki firmware 2.9.0

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Yes Nuki, is a fact that nobody clarifies this issue - seems a TABU subject.
NUKI claim that feature is working on Android Wear watches (Android wear/Wear OS watches using Nuki app without smartphone) two years ago, before Apple watch.
WHAT IS HAPPENING ? Reveal your cards !

Please update your apps to the latest version: App Update: Nuki Android App 2.7.7, we fixed several issues around the watch app.

Installed the full Nuki ecosystem yesterday and the app works perfectly in the Ticwatch pro (1st gen), even without a phone connected, to do this, there is a second step with the app in the watch, thirty screen to the right in the smart door device name.