Nuki and IOT integrations

Hi Nuki community,

I am an IoT enthusiast and a full-time software engineer, and in my spare time, I love to play with IoT and integration. I have been using Nuki products for over 3 years, and I can say that I am pleased about it. After using Nukio Smart Lock, a couple of months ago I bought Nuki Opener. It is a great device but…

I needed some solution for opening a door in front of my apartment building. Nuki Opener was an excellent solution for that. I made some investigations and in conclusion, I decided to buy it. But unfortunately, I did not manage to set it up. I tried and tried, but whit no luck. And instead of that, I switched to the Switchbot implementation.

Current implementation:
Because I did not manage to install Nukio Opener, instead of that I switched to a Switchbot, but I did not want to give up on the Nuki ecosystem (app, user management, …).
Because of that I did the following:
I installed a Switchbot to my intercom, and I connected that Switchbot via Bluetooth dongle to my local server. After that I configured Nuki Bridge to send a callback event to my server after someone click opens Nuki Opener via the app (or via the button on Opener).

By doing that I successfully integrated Switchbot with the Nuki ecosystem and I achieved my goal to control building front door with Nuki. But, as you can think, it was really price integration (Nuki opener is not that cheap device).

PS. I cannot say that I am happy with the events that Nuki Opener is producing. In the end, I end up subscribing to an ONLINE event type. I put a debouncer of 10 seconds and subscribe to an Online event and that is not a great solution, but it is working. It would be much better if I can subscribe to the OPENING event. But I am not getting that event from the app, I am getting that event only when I use the physical button. So for now, open event it is.

Proposal for improvement:
It would be great if we can add custom calls from the app to some server via Nuki bridge.
By doing that you can simply add one new entity in the Nuki app, share it via invitation key, and use it as any other physical device.

Here is a setup scenario:

  • open the Nuki app
  • go to Manage my Devices
  • select IOT Integration via Nuki Bridge
  • specify a list of actions (open, close, …)
  • specify a callback URL

And that is it :slight_smile:
You can use a Nuki ecosystem to trigger some IoT devices.

If you ask me, this would be a pretty great feature.

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For now I think you can use ifttt for this!?

Not sure how would you achieve this scenario with Nuki App and IFTTT. How I can add a device to Nuki App without having an app?
If we had the option “IFTTT Device” in Nuki App, this scenario would be possible.