Nuki-Airbnb integration - Send code using Airbnb inbox

Product name

Nuki-Airbnb integration


Send code using Airbnb inbox


When a guests makes a booking on airbnb, provide the choice for the host to send him the code either via the airbnb inbox, or by email, or both.


This would be more convenient for guests as all the communication will happen in airbnb inbox.
It will be easier for them to find the code, especially when they are stuck in front of the door (which happened several times to my guest already because of this lack of user-friendliness).

With the current Airbnb integration this can not be done. But we are in close talks to Airbnb to try to improve this for you hosts.

Great to hear!

That would be a fantastic feature. In my broad experience as host, no guest is reading the emails, therefore forcing me to manually send the code by Airbnb PM

Any news regarding this?

Do we have any news or workaround about this? Guests are completely confused on how to find the Code(s) and its really a pain to have to hand them over manually from the email to the inbox.

Its a year now… Thanks

This is finally available. See also: