Nuki 4 pro: a little doubt

Hi to all!
I have a nuki 3 pro and I am satisfied.
I need another one and I’m about to buy a 4 pro.
I read on an Amazon comment that the battery of the 4 is smaller than the 3. Is this true?
I don’t have a thread board router at the moment, so can I connect it with mqtt? With thread the integration would it be more reliable?

Please contact our support for more detailed information.
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I’m Sorry.

I thought that question about mqtt and thread were releated to this forum.

Yeah, that’s maybe the only one that is more specific. MQTT can be done via WiFi or Thread with the 4th gen Pro. If you had problems in the past with WiFi stability Thread might provide a more stable uplink for MQTT. Thread will also consume less energy and prolong the batterylife of the Smart Lock.

You’ll need an Apple HomePod (or Home Assistant installation with proper hardware) in order to use the Thread uplink.