Nuki 4.0 pro can not be found in Apple TV through Home app


I bought the nuki 4.0 pro device. And tried to connect through Matter to my Home without success.
I understood that Homekit is no longer supported in nuki device and I need a an external hub.
So I bought the Apple Tv. And still, the Nuki 4.0 pro device couldn’t connected to the hub.

I did everything is needed in order to connect it. Still, the home app can not recognize the Nuki device.

What shall I do?

buy homepod

Try to set the Apple TV in Standby for pairing. In Standby the Signal is more strong - and reduce the range to the ATV if possible. I had problems with one wall an 4 meters and no problems with one wall and 2 meters. I hope that this’ll help.

Thank you. I tried that but my apt does not recognize the Nuki device.

After so much efforts I spent on this device I am starting to believe that it was a bad choice to buy Nuki.

You did enable Matter via the Nuki app first and the LED ring is lighting while the Home app is searching for the Smart Lock?

How do I enable Matter via the Nuki app?
After working with the Nuki through bluetooth, I installed the ATV and defined it as a hub (also in my Home app in my iPhone). Then, I tried to add a new accessory in my Home app in my iPhone by scanning the Matter code I got with the package.

Settings => Features => Smart Home => Matter


It worked well with Google Home but not with Apple Home.
I got an error message “Accessory not found”. Even though I restarted the Nuki device.

Do you have any suggestion?

Apple has a weird thing with matter devices and hubs in general even if I am using my iphone to connect services that don’t have anything to do with apple it has to save it in I cloud and the settings for homekit and matter are really just confusing. I had “problems with aqara security home hub camera” I don’t know about Nuki as I have the version 3.0, but the iPhone 15 pro and pro max have thread radio in them. Probably for this kind of use.

That’s because other services/apps use Apple MatterSupport framework for commissioning, if they had developed their own way of comissioning this wouldn’t be necessary. Apple uses your “keychain” to save necessary credentials and other services/apps can decide if they want to use default thread/wifi networks or if they want to specify which thread/wifi to use.


Do you have an idea how can I let it work anyway?

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for me same …with homekit iphone 15 pro
i use nuki app that works…bud matter 4.0 will not connect homekit app