Nuki 4.0 Pro and Home Assistant MQTT issues (number of entities displayed)

Hi there,

I have Nuki Pro 4.0 (Firmware 4.2.8) and integrated via MQTT (directly over wifi, no Bridge) to my HomeAssistant (Core 24.4.4, Supervisor 2024.04.0, OS 12.2), however I am seeing far fewer entities than some other users that I found online in other foruns.

As an example, I have “lock’n’go” that enable me to close the lock for instance, but cannot know the state of the lock (open or locked).

Anybody has any tips as to why this is happening?

As an example, I saw a user online that has a muck more complete list of entities which is what I would expect to have when integrating Nuki with Home Assistant through MQTT.

Nuki Smart Lock and Matter (or mqtt) - Configuration - Home Assistant Community (

I have the same issue: two entity…the First Is correct and working, the second Is a duplicate and Is unavialible
I remove the second but It return back again

I have the following from a Nuki 4 no pro version:

Ok, I was finally able to find a workaround to the entity issue I encountered as explained in the thread above.

Since I could not get the lock state to show up with the autodiscovered MQTT integration of the Nuki (discovered as a battery above), I ended up creating, manually, an MQTT sensor in the configuration.yaml file that monitors the various lock states (which I identified using MQTT explorer and seeing how they changed based on what the lock was doing).

This is the final configuration of the manual sensor I created:


With this sensor I was then able to obtain the information I wanted in a lovelace Entities Card:


As for the lock/unlock/unlatch button I also ended up solving it manually and creating 3 separate buttons for which I also post the code bellow:


I solved by purge mosquito database. I stopped mosquito and removed the two file named mosquitto.db (in /data folder) and mosquito.log (in /log folder). I restarted mosquito and now It Is all ok