Nuki 4.0 acivated but not able to open door

Hi all,

my Nuki 4.0 is oftentimes not able to open the door:
Although Nuki is reacting and I can hear the sound of the motor, it was not able to open the lock.
The protocol said it opened the door, with no motor block issues(If the door lock is too heavy it will show the motor is blocked)

I tried to recalibrate it, reset it, etc.
Nothing worked and it happened randomly. My door lock is not heavier or lighter than at any other time. I am not able to find any patterns, when it will work or not.
Is anybody else facing the same issue?

Hello, I have the same problem. You can hear Nuki trying to let the door jump open, but it is still closed in spite of it. Sometimes it helps to unlock and close several times and sometimes just a new calibration. After that, it goes again for a few days and then the problem comes back. My old Pro3 was much more reliable there.

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