Nuki 3.0 Pro

No. Not for the time beeing. There is already a feature request for this. If you want it, please vote for it.

Hi Jürgen!

I have also some questions regarding the new nuki

  1. You said, there is a difference between the 3.0 pro and the normal 3.0 regarding the motor/gear. What are these differences? Is one more silent or long lasting or battery efficient?
  2. You said, the 3.0 pro consumes about the same amount of energy with wifi on as the 2.0. What about the standard, non pro 3.0. Is it similar to the 3.0 pro with bridge or better or worse?

Thanks a lot for your reply,

Thx, i vote for it now

Ok. Thanks. But as I want to purchase and use the device within this decade, I’ll go with the nonPro version. It’s also not impossible that they get the fusion reactor working, some time :wink:

Hi @Juergen ,

Thanks for helping us out with addressing specific questions here, that’s much appreciated.

I hate to say I’m fairly disappointed after just receiving the Smart Lock 3 Pro, advertised as integrating the bridge, to then find out I need to fork out ~50% more money to buy a bridge in order to do what I planned to!!! As a result all my current intricated home automation system is totally incompatible with the Nuki integrations I expected to use!

Would you elaborate on where we are with the local HTTP API addition?
I really am considering returning the lock if this is far away in the clouds and please don’t take this as a threaten but it’s just a fact the lock now does about 10% of what’s advertised to do for me and my setup.

Lastly, you mentioned there’s a feature request for the local HTTP API but I could not find it after long scrolling. Would you point me in the right direction?


We do not comment about our roadmap here in the forum. If we can tell something about a planned feature request it is usually moved in the “planned” section.

Correct. Seems that nobody opened one so far, therefore please do so. → Feature Request Form

Thank you!

Hello, I am using the Nuki 3.0 Pro and integrated it into Apple HomeKit, I have the following problem, this morning at Apple Home it said “Device is not responding” and the push message that the door was unlocked did not come this morning either. Only when I deactivated WLAN at Nuki did the message arrive late. Otherwise, some push messages from Apple, when the door is opened or locked, do not arrive. If WiFi is off there are no problems, but then I don’t get any messages from Nuki, does anyone have an idea?

Can’t believe we actually have to request this.

None of my other feature requests are implemented so surprise me with this one.



Maybe I miss-read something but when reading th FAQ about differences between 3.0 and 3.0 pro there are no indications about the motor.
So is it the same for both and differences are only wifi and the ring?

Additional a chargeable battery pack is included!

Yes, I forgot it thanks.
But no difference about the motor?
I already have a power pack and a bridge so if the only diferences are the power pack and these I wrote above I would like to be sure if I would have an advantage to buy the pro or not because even if I would have to pay for the door sensor it will be less expensive than the 3.0 pro with the free sensor. Except if there is something more in terme of functionalities.

Well I don’t know where you are located, but in Germany there is no free sensor in the box of the lock V3!
If you already have the bridge I would buy the lock V3 not the pro version. But I would invest the door sensor to have full control about the door.

Not for now but from February it will be the upgrade offer from Nuki:

I agree, it is a must have :slight_smile:

Hi! Do the new door sensor just work with version 3, or also with the other former versions!? Thanks!

Version 3 locks only for the new door sensor Nuki Door Sensor: Leave your home with peace of mind - Nuki

Thanks for the clarification!

I bought the 3.0 Pro because of built in WiFi. My AppleTV is to far away for Bluetooth HomeKit.
I want to use Homebridge, but need to buy a Nuki Bridge first? This cant be real.
Please release a feature that 3.0 Pro gets an HTTP-API so we can use it with homebridge!
Please, this has to happen.

I had the same experience but if you compare how much the internal bridge needs yearly energy vs. a real bridge, one realize that the internal bridge is just a “light” version of the real, very fast responsive, powerful bridge. but that’s ok. some are fine with the “light bridge” and some need the real bridge with much more power, responsiveness, speed, and functions.

Thats true. Im wondering if its possible or if there is any plugin for homebridge out there that uses Nuki Web API ( When im able to trigger the door latch via web browser, why not via homebridge->homekit? No Bridge and no Bridge API would be needed in that case.

If you can trigger it via http you might be able to use my plugin homebridge-http-webhooks - npm and a push button to send the http request.