NUKI 3.0 Pro + Doorbird D1101FV FINGERPRINT 50

Hi, I have a Nuki 3.0 Pro and a Doorbird D1101FV FINGERPRINT 50.
I am trying to configure the Doorbird in such a way that the Nuki opens the door when I use the fingerprint reader of the Doorbird.
I have already activated the Nuki API in the Doorbird settings.
It seems I need tu use the HTTP-API call.
I have the IP address (fixed IP in my router settings) and I have the Nuki ID from the app.

However I cannot pull the Nuki TOKEN since it dos not repond to Or any of the other commands, such as http://IP-NUKI-BRIDGE:8080/auth to get the TOKEN.

How to solve this?

Tnx in advance!

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