Nuki 3.0 Firmware 3.5.11 Door Sensor Issue

Good morning,

I am a bit frustrated at the Moment with Nuki 3.0 since last firmware Upgrade 3.5.11 and customer Support.

I will describe the normal Auto unlock before Firmware 3.5.11 first:
I Set the unlatch time to 30 seconds so If I geht near to my door, the Nuki opens and hold the latch to a Maximum of 30 seconds. In the Moment, where I push the door Open, the door sensor Takes care about the Latch and I can normally Close the door.

Since 3.5.11:
The door sensor status is Not used anymore. So it unlatches for exactly 30 seconds and I have to wait to close the door again.

Support got protocols, they instructed me to reset door Sensor, the Lock and so on. Nothing helped. I think it is a Firmware bug in 3.5.11 but I wonder why nobody else seems to have the same Problem.

At Auto-Lock, the door sensor works normally! So in general, it’s functional.

Can anybody Help?

So Long,

Could be. There is a new firmware 3.5.12 about to be released which aims to address issues when multiple devices try to connect via BLE at the same time.

Inbetween you could activate HomeKit, which might also solve your problems. You can switch it off again once 3.5.12 is installed.

Thank you. That helped. I’m very disappointed that the support does Not know auch an Issue.