Nuki 2.0 vs 3.0

Hey all , using some nuki locks 2.0 in my apartaments and some other company locks , nuki seems to have more connections and easier to control but it is weaker lock regards power in general and have some bugs time to time , does anyone already using 3.0 and have experience ? Whats the main difference is it worth to buy ?

Hi, I’ve been using Nuki smartlock 3.0 for several weeks now. I am very happy with its performance so far. I cannot compare it to 2.0 since I never owned that one, but I read the motor is significantly quieter on 3.0, which is the main improvement over 2.0 in my opinion.
3.0 is completely made of plastic, including the back plate (2.0 backplate was made of metal). This is not a problem, but manually locking the door using the knob does not feel robust enough, so I prefer using the button for locking/unlocking. If the plastic knob would be a showstopper for anyone, NUKI offers the Pro version with a metal knob.
As for the features, I think they remain identical between 2.0 and 3.0. I am hoping the 3.0 version will also bring the Apple home key support.
To sum it up - I am very with the lock, NUKI did an excellent job. Highly recommend it.

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Thanks Emil , anyone from property managers maybe started to use 3.0 who used before 2.0 ? i know they are nearly a same price to buy , my question is not which one to buy but do you still consider buying 3.0 or moving on to different make ?