Nuki 2.0 Question

  1. If i buy Nuki 2.0, do I still need the bridge or is a HomePod enough to open/lock doors via Internet?

  2. How is the distance of the new BT 5 with nuki 2.0? I have a door sensor from Koogeek next to my nuki and it works flawlessly with my homepod. Does this mean it will work flawlessly with nuki 2.0 in terms of distance?

  3. How is the speed compared between Nuki2.0 + Homekit and Nuki 1.0 + Bridge? Any compare values?

This aren’t real developer questions and they will be covered in the faq too, so i’m keeping the answers short:

  1. HomePod (or IPad, AppleTV) will do the job.

  2. Apple devices don’t support BT5 long range mode yet. BLE reach will still be ~30% better than with SL 1.0. Should work when the door sensor works too.

  3. HomeKit is fast, very fast. Mechanics didn’t change. So no speed gain in the actual lock process though.

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