Nuki 2.0 opened door when 60 km out of bluetooth range - fatal event

Nuki 2.0 opened door when 60 km out of bluetooth range !
We (2 persons) were walking round a lake approx. 60 km away from home. Nuki app sent an alarm to my wifes smatphone asking if it should proceed with opening the door - shocking event - instanly canecelled the request. 2 hour later our neighbour called us that the door is open !
We have no Nuki Bridge nor an Opener.
How the hell can that happen ?
Sadly enough we can not send a log file because on my wifes smartphone debug mode was off.
Any ideas ?

This is not how the Nuki system works. The notification your are talking about is locally created by the App when you issue the unlatch command and the phone (believes it) is not in vicinity of the Smart Lock. If you don‘t have a bridge it is not possible to operate it outside of bluetooth reach. Most likely the unlatch command was (unintentionally) already executed while your wife left the house.

The log should (even without debug mode) contain sufficient informations to see the timestamps of events.

Please contact our support via or for more detailed information.

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@Jürgen Pansy,
sorry to bother you again (even I’m not a developer) but here you can see the activity log of my wifes smartphone at the time when a message popped up asking to cancel or proceed the request to open the the door. As I wrote we were more then 60 km outside the bluetooth range.

The entries in the log are from the door sensor and no lock commands. The last motor movement was the unlock at 7:00. Please contact support for further assistance.

You wrote that you don’t have a Nuki bridge and that you were not in bluetooth range to the lock, so there can’t be a connection from your wifes smartphone to the lock with a comand to open the door.

@Juergen - did already contacted support team.

@paddy2202 - I shoud clarify that we left home on 25th of May with “lock & Go” and waited that the door was closed and locked. My wife didn’t try to to send a command - we are not that stupid - as we know that we are not near our door. Pls read my text carefully.
We were a day later on the 26 of May approx. 60 km away from home when suddenly a message popped up requesting either to cancel or proceed with the request to open the door. Of course we cancelled the request immediately - didn’t have a cluet hat the Nuki ignored our decision and opened the door anyway. Only hours later we got to know that our neighbour detected that the door was open and was moving because of windy weather.

Please read my text carefully…
Bluetooth range is about 15 meters. So if you don’t have a bridge, there CAN’T be a connection between your smartphone and the lock when you are 60 km away.

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