Nuki 2.0 Firmware 2.6.4 installed - although not even released...?

yesterday iOS app notified me that there is a new firmware 2.6.4. available for Nuki smart lock 2.0.
I installed that one and afterwards I found here that there are no release notes for that version, it is not mentioned anywhere… Can you explain what happened?

ah by the way, I was locked out today (with fully packed shopping bags…) I could enter through a half open window by opening my garage door via HomeKit to grab the ladder to climb up to the window on the first floor…
Batteries of the Nuki have been empty. During replacement I found them slightly warm…

Can this be related to that “ghost”-firmware 2.6.4??

Kinda of experienced the same. Installed the unannounced 2.6.4 firmware and shortly after my smartlock died with an error 4B and telling me I need to contact support because it needs to be replaced. The motor does not function half of the time anymore. Might just be a coincede that the hardware died right after the upgrade but it sure is suspicious. Contacted support to get it replaced.

Didn’t test extensively, but I think the hardware is ok. No strange behaviour or log entries after changing the batteries.
What I wonder about is that there has been only one notification about the empty batteries a few days ago. The notification in the app was gone after viewing it once.
Strange, any Nuki newsletter subscription notification in the app stays longer.

  1. Firmware release is here:
  2. I would suggest to have a spare (manual) key in a hidden key box outside with number-Lock in the case the batteries or the electronic would die.

PS: Batteries: I was wondering why didn’t put a “Powerbank” instead of batteries. So I wrote them an email.
The Powerbank would have a USB-Inlet. One a year we would hand a full powerbank to the door handle and let it charge overnight. a) more economic b) more environmental friendly c) more easy
(Yes, we can use rechargeable batteries. They last longer and need to be taken out to be charge. Most powerbank can deliver power while being charge).

Hi guys, about 2 days ago I have updated the 2.0 smartlock to 2.6.4 … now when i open the lock from the button she locks herself after 1-2 minutes …If I use the application it locks how it is programed to 15 minutes…anyone had this problem ? please help :slight_smile: