Nuki 2.0 closes the door even though someone is at home

My wife and I have the following problem:
I set up the app and then invited my wife, she is registered as a user in the app and has all rights.

When my wife is at home and I leave the house, Nuki Smart Lock always closes the door as soon as I leave the 100m radius. Actually, the Nuki lock should check beforehand whether someone is still at home or in the radius and not closing the door. This is a bit tedious if she also wants to get out and always closes the door when I go out 3 minutes before.

Is this problem known or can you fix it?
or maybe you have another clue, what i can set up in my app?

More information here:
Nuki Lock Version: 2.7.20
iOS version (iPhone 11pro): 13.5.1

Screen settings Nuki app for iOS:

Screen Nuki app - user authorization:

Thank you very much for your help.

thank you!