Notifications not working

Recently I don’t get push notifications when someone opens my apartments by using the opener.
I see log entrys in the nuki web.
Whenever I open the ios app 2.7.9 i have to re-login to the notifications settings as my session is terminated.
In my setup I use openers in an open-only configuration with no door bell system connected
Any suggestions?

Should work even for Openers that are in open-only configuration.

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Hi Jürgen, thx for reply. Was working fine for over one year. Have no idea what changed. Maybe firmware upgrade….

iOS or Android?
Remote access & Nuki web still work?

Same here with iOS. Every time I log in “manage notifications” in order to activate notifications, I am able to log in, but I am immediately logged out when I quit the app. Nuki web (opener and lock) in the browser works fine and app notifications from the Nuki Lock work also fine, only the opener is not sending notifications to the app. Nuki opener 1.6.4, iOS 14.5.1, Nuki app 2.7.9 (2057).

I’m on ios 14.5.1 and there a no notification from Nuki.
Smartlock version is 2.11.0. In the setting it says session timed out and I must login.

Hello. I have had the same issue now for about a year. I have a Nuki Smart lock 3.0 and a Nuki opener. They are all connected via Nuki bridge. Although I have done factory resets on devices, The notifications don’t stick. Even with all the iOS updates over the past 12 months, Nuki notifications are not stable. Generally, the issue is when I enter my device via the Nuki app and activate notifications, when I exit the screen, and then re-enter notifications they are toggle off again. very disappointing that Nuki has solved this bug for months now.