Notifications not working / types of notifications

After modifying my door to open slightly on unlatch I‘m very happy. Auto Unlock is up to 100%. Only backdraw is I still don’t get a notification on successful Auto Unlock. I don’t use the bridge. Instead at one point in time I got about 20 Notifications delivered at once…

Nuki Firmware 2.6
iOS App 2.4

Which notifications do you reffer to? As you wrote you are not using the Bridge it can’t be our new push notifications (relying on Nuki Web), so you got 20 “Smart notifications” (geofence events) at once?

Yes, there were a bunch of notifications sort of „Door opend“ etc. Never occurred again. But beeing honest the whole Notification thing is not clear to me. There are three different kinds, Web, Smart and another one in App Settings …

I see why this can be confusing. Let me give you a short overview:

1. Push notificaitons

  • These are notifications for activity log entries which are processed server-side as we need access (via connected Nuki Web account) to it to forward them to the notification framworks of iOS/Android

2. Smart notifications

  • These are local notifications based on geofence events. For that (like for Auto Unlock) we need additional access to location data from your smartphone, why you activate it separatly so only users using these features need to grant us those additional rights on their device.

Notifications in App Settings:

  • All those notifications are using the iOS/Android standards for notifications which you can grant, revoke, edit etc. (scope based on your operating system version) on App-level independently to your settings IN the Nuki App. (E.g. if you activate all notifications in the Nuki App, but then deactivate the rights to show them for the Nuki App you will still not get any notifications. :wink: )

P.S.: I hope it is o.k. for you that I split this out to a separate topic, as the last question had not much to do with the initial topic here but may also be interesting to other users.

I activated all notifications in the app and now I get a ring when Auto Unlock was successful. Great!

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