Notifications in 2.7.22 beta

I’m on latest beta 2.7.22 and experiencing the following (previous version 2.7.20 had the same issues btw) on a Nuki 2.0, bridge, ATV4K as Homekit hub:
All Nuki notifications (except for door sensor) are enabled. I have a timer in the Nuki set which
(1) locks the door at 09:45pm (360°). I am receiving a notification via Homekit that the door is locked, which is correct. But I am not receiving the “locked” notification as a Nuki app push message. Is this intended?
If I observe the lock status on around 09:45pm (when it locks 360°), the status changes from unlocked to locked on the details page… but the log is not updated.

(2) then at 11:30pm night mode comes in and locks the door to 720° (by adding a 360° turn). Now the Nuki notification on my iPhone comes in, but no Homekit push message? Is this intended?

(3) Night mode is ended at 05:00am. No issues here, all fine.

(4) Then, timer is set to unlock at 05:45am: Door is unlocked correctly, notification via Homekit comes in… but no Nuki push. Why is that?

Any other manual lock or unlock (or via Nuki app) is reflected correctly by triggering Homekit notification and Nuki push message.

The notification scheme is not handled consistently, I would think that 360° means locked and should be pushed in Homekit and Nuki app. Same for opening. Why is only 720° locking pushed to Nuki app when triggered by night mode, but any manual/app locking is pushed to Homekit and Nuki app?

Is it a malfunction with my notifications, or is it intended? Would be glad if you could clarify.

HomeKit does only push when the state changes. A full lock (720) coming from half lock (360) is no state change.

Nuki pushes should always come. Maybe there is some interference with the ATV which also tries to connect to the Smart Lock, when a state change happens. We also have a known issue on server side which could cause a delay and will be resolved mid next week. Please let us know if the problem is still there next weekend.

Agree. It’s not a state change for Homekit.

Don’t think so, because if lock/unlock command is sent from Nuki app or from Homekit, all Nuki notifications are coming as it should be. They’re only missing if the lock itself (e.g. timer) is triggering the state change. Anyhow, let’s wait until server problems are fixed, maybe it is the reason.

Hi again,
@Juergen, unfortunately the problem persists (now on iOS app version 2.6.6 and SL firmware 2.7.23. I observed the notification this week, and it didn’t improve. But I could drill down the issue to the following:

  • Homekit notifications are fine in any case, all is as intended.

  • Nuki notifications for any action / trigger by the app or sent by Homekit or by Keypad (e.g. auto-unlock, lock, open, etc.) are ok, all is as intended.

  • Any Nuki notifications which are triggered by the internal Nuki timer (“Zeitsteuerung”) are NOT coming through. They can be found in the app log, and the correct lock status is shown in the web app, but they are not listed under the logs in Nuki web and therefore NO notification is generated.
    Example app log:

Web app status:

Web app log:

All screenshots taken app. 10:00pm.
If an event “Zeitsteuerung” is followed by any other event which is not triggered by the internal clock (eg. Homekit trigger), then at the same time the notification for the new event is coming through, and the older event notification which has been skipped originally.

This behavior is 100% re-producable. If I can support you with more information such as logs or other stuff please let me know.
BTW: nice and intuitive new web app, well done.

Thanks for the detailed feedback. We’ve reproduced it in the meantime too and are working on a fix.

Any news here? Wondering that nobody else is complaining, or are not all users affected? Would explain the low priority to provide a fix for this non-working feature.

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It’s going to be fixed in the upcoming 2.8.x Smart Lock beta.