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Nuki 2.0 + Bridge + Keypad


I would like to receive a notification when my house cleaner opens and locks the door. Our cleaner uses the keypad with a code that has a time limitation.


Add notification option per code. Maybe even per user.


We want to monitor who/what opens the door.


Notification per code
Notification per user
Notification on remote unlock
Maybe only when I’m not at home.

Yes Please!

But while programming: can you add the differentiation of the different doors?
We have some doors that doesn’t need the opening signal. They would only need the “low batters” message.
Would be nice if we could tick which lock send which information to which user.

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I absolutely support this request.

This is such basic functionality that I just assumed something as advanced as the Nuki lock would obviously have it. I bought the Nuki without even confirming the functionality exists, and was disappointed to find out it doesn’t.

Adding to the scenarios above, I’d like to be able to be notified via a push notification:

  • when a time-restricted code is used outside of the permitted range (i.e. someone is using the babysitter’s code when she isn’t supposed to be using it)

  • when there have been more than a pre-determined / custom number of failed code attempts have been made (perhaps someone partially overheard the kids mentioning the code and they are guessing the last digits they are missing)

This functionality will allow us to know when:

  • The handyman, cleaner, etc arrived

  • The kids are home from school

  • The door was unlocked remotely when perhaps it shouldn’t have been

  • So much more…

The main reason I bought the bridge was for this kind of information. It should be relatively simple to implement and a super useful addition for users.


Just a hint: The Nuki IFTTT service allows to set up many of the notifications mentioned above. Nuki Smart Lock works better with IFTTT

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Thanks for letting us know, Juergen.

That being said, I don’t think users should have to rely on another service (and pay extra if they have already created 3 applets) for such basic functionality. This solution (notifications via IFTTT) adds complexity, another potential point of failure, bad UX, and potentially cost. This isn’t a situation of linking two separate services that IFTTT should be needed…

Considering this information is anyway collected in the log, it should be fairly simple to allow users to set rules in the app/web UI and get push notifications.

The IFTTT route is better than nothing, but far from ideal and I really hope Nuki will make this functionality in-app.


I similarly bought the Nuki smart lock + bridge + keypad assuming this functionality would be baked into the app, as it is very basic.

For example you can get this with a £19 hive door/ window sensor

Nuki please bring this to an update :soon: