Notification Mute or schedule basis

Dear All,
I bought my first Nuki device (smartlock pro 3) and I am very happy with the features and performance. I do own several smart device and one feature that I couldn’t find on nuki was to enable notifications only during below use case :

Use case 1 : Send notification only if all nuki members are out of house

Use case 2 : Send notifications based on schedule

Perhaps I might have missed something but can you let me know if such a feature exists in nuki world? If not, can we make a feature requests?

Thanks and Regards,
Dayanand Patil

Nuki at the moment does not track who is at home and who not and can therefore not adjust notifications to it. You can read more about it in this feature request: Auto-Lock when last user leaves the house/geofence

This is not supported at the moment by Nuki. Not sure if there is already a feature request for it. If not you can create a new one and start collecting votes for it.

Thank you for the feedback ! i will check and proceed further :slight_smile: