Not working: Opener with Entrotec ED3+

My intercom is Entrotec ED3+. I’ve wired my intercom/Nuki as directed but the Opener isn’t able to open the gate. The normal functioning of my intercom is:

  • Guest rings my flat from gate, so 32#
  • Intercom unit rings (sounds a bit like a 1980s video game)
  • I lift the receiver and then push the “open door” button, which releases the gate. I don’t believe the button works if the receiver is still on hook. However, taking it off-hook means an engaged signal at the gate.

Through my phone’s sound recorder, I was able to verify that the intercom still rings. My two questions are:

  1. The Nuki instructions said to put the yellow doorbell wire from BZ and put it into the clamp. I wasn’t sure what the instructions mean by “doorbell” since there is not a separate one from the intercom system. There was a yellow wire, though, so I followed the guide.

  2. Am I better off waiting from an answer from Nuki support, returning the whole thing (I would like to not go this route since I had to pay £70 extra in import duty…yay Brexit), hiring a local electrician, or getting a new model intercom?

Where you able to make it work? I’ve just received the Nuki Opener and doesn’t work.

No. The Nuki staff said that someone inside the flat would have to take the ED3+ receiver off-hook in order for the opener to send the signal to open the gate. I returned it and had Klevio installed, which works with the door lock and doesn’t require someone to take the receiver off-hook at the time when the intercom rings.

I’ve been given some alternative wiring instructions via email, but did not work.
Also being advised to setit up as “generic/analogue” and did not work either.

If it can help, I found the original Entrotec schematics (since there is no diferrence between ED3+ and ED4+)

Hello! Opener wiring, - blue to 1 (DR), purple to 3 (0V), now take the 2-pole-nuki-clamp and put the yellow opener wire in one port, now take out the wires on 4 (BZ) of the intercom and put them in the second port of the clamp, green to 4 (BZ), wiring is finished (the other opener wires have no functionality yet, with analogue intercoms)! Now reset the opener, and set it up as generic analogue! Let me know how it goes!