"Not Response" on HomeKit and 'Offline' on Nuki App - How to resolve?

I setup my Nuki 3.0 yesterday.

I do not have a Nuki bridge as I plan to use HomeKit exclusively along with all my other smart home stuff.

My Nuki is around 2 metres away from my Eero router.

I can connect to the Nuki with the Nuki App without any issues. However, it states “No Response” and “This accessory is not responding” on the HomeKit app most of the time. So it’s not possible to use the Nuki with HomeKit.

It also often shows as ‘Offline’ on the Nuki App (when I’m on the same WiFi network as it?).

Is there an issue here? Is there any way I can fix this? Should I run the setup again? Replace the unit? Buy the bridge?

How can I get the Nuki running with HomeKit?

Nuki uses HomeKit via BLE in all its products. You need to have a HomePod or similar HomeKit hub within BLE range of the Smart Lock in order to have remote access via HomeKit.