Not receiving lock operations (only unlock)

Loaded the beta and enabled debug - updated both dns and mdns records successfully.
I’m using HA to receive indications for lock operations by looking at nuki//lockActionEvents
For some reason, I am only receiving unlock operations?!?!?
My system is set to auto lock through an integration of my own door sensor through homekit, so the door indeed locks automatically, but I am not receiving any MQTT message for these operations.
What am I missing ?

Lock Actions through mqtt do not trigger a publish to the lockActionEvent topic.

Not sure I understand your answer. The lock operation is done through homekit, not through MQTT. AFAIK this goes through web API, as it was created even before I installed the beta with the MQTT support.

Could also be a bug in the MQTT API. Please clearify if you did the lock operation through HomeKit or WebAPI, which is not the same. Posting a screenshot with the activity log of the Smart Lock with the lock action on it would also be helpful.

Here’s my latest activity log - I received MQTT messages only for the unlock operations.