Not reachable

I recently had a “traumatic” experience. I trusted my Nuki and went out with the dog around 9pm. When I came back after 30 minutes, I unlocked with the opener and was next in front of the apartment door. I entered the code using the keypad but the door did not open. After that I tried it with the smartphone and there the Nuki Smartlock was displayed as unreachable. Even after 5-10 minutes it was still unreachable.

Stupidly, I did not take a key with me. I was already in Wi-Fi range and saw via HTTP API that the bridge was connected to the Internet, the opener was also accessible, so the problem was definitely at the Smartlock.

If you know me from my other thread, you might think that I might have flooded the lock with API requests before, but that was not the case. For at least half an hour before the event, there were no API requests from me, because I only trigger them event-related. New API requests would have been triggered only after the successful opening. (And there was no opening at the smart lock…) So this could not have been the reason. Only after about half an hour in front of my door, auto-unlock took place around 22:30 and then the lock was also accessible again.

But now to the actual question: What could be the cause for something like this? Is it possible to debug it? The sense of the Smartlock is lost, of course, if you have to be afraid to stand in front of an unreachable lock and then you still always have to carry a physical key with you.

The Smartlock is still a first-generation lock, so there is no longer a warranty.

First generation Smart Locks can handle only 1 BLE connection at a time. Usually the Smart Lock terminates an open connection after a few seconds, but if one of your devices (Bridge, Keypad, Smart Lock) constantly reconnects, this could make it impossible for another device to connect.
This information maybe does not help in reconstructing what happened, but if it happens again you could try to turn off all potential BLE devices (e.g. switching your phone in flight mode) and turning off on one after the other (e.g. phone with BLE switched on, but data switched off which means that there won’t be any commands sent through the bridge from the phone).