Nonexistent Keypad, Battery warning

Today i got a warning about low battery level of keypad paired to opener and door sensor. Needless to say I don’t have any of those. I only have doorlock and opener.
Had to reset opener and set it from the beginning.

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Hi! Strange!? What version is your lock? Thanks!

Smart lock 2.0
Battery warning was about the keypad supposedly paired to my opener. There was also a battery level warning about a non existent door sensor. I also couldn’t access opener to manage it, it wouldn’t accept the pin, which I am certain I entered it correctly.
In any case, after resetting the opener and completing setup from the beginning, it now works alright.

Was it a used device? This looks as was a old profile reloaded, where this devices where connected!?

I got exactly the same problem with an opener.
password is 100% correct yet it tells me it’s not.
and it complains about a keypad battery which I never had.

nuki feels.more and more as half baked and 30% of the time the opener doesn’t work properly, the door sensor looses battery :frowning: I really feel that is is just a big alphs

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I have the same issue, I got a message that Keypad battery is low while I do not have a keypad. Any solution for this?

Same problem here, since yesterday. Can’t open my door anymore through the opener, because it keeps saying the battery of the keypad - which I don’t have - is low. I’ve tried all the settings, reconfigured the Bridge etc., but I jus can’t get it to work.

The Opener has worked pretty fine for I think it’s two years now, and suddenly there is this weird bug. When I look in the web version, there is also a doorsensor battery warning (which I also don’t have).

Do I have to set up the whole thing from scratch? I’m a bit hesitant to, because I remember setup being a b*tch in the beginning as well…

Please contact our support via the Nuki App (Menu > Help > Contact Customer Support) for more detailed information.

This forum is focused on developer related issues.

I have exactly the same problem including the keypad message and the pin which is magically altered.

Also the battery of the opener are drained in about 2 weeks (earlier that was at least 6 months, maybe even longer).

The advise from Nuki was to reset it. Quite a lot of work to resolve something that clearly is not my fault.

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