Nonexistent Keypad, Battery warning

Today i got a warning about low battery level of keypad paired to opener and door sensor. Needless to say I don’t have any of those. I only have doorlock and opener.
Had to reset opener and set it from the beginning.

Hi! Strange!? What version is your lock? Thanks!

Smart lock 2.0
Battery warning was about the keypad supposedly paired to my opener. There was also a battery level warning about a non existent door sensor. I also couldn’t access opener to manage it, it wouldn’t accept the pin, which I am certain I entered it correctly.
In any case, after resetting the opener and completing setup from the beginning, it now works alright.

Was it a used device? This looks as was a old profile reloaded, where this devices where connected!?

I got exactly the same problem with an opener.
password is 100% correct yet it tells me it’s not.
and it complains about a keypad battery which I never had.

nuki feels.more and more as half baked and 30% of the time the opener doesn’t work properly, the door sensor looses battery :frowning: I really feel that is is just a big alphs