non-PRO Smart Lock and HTTP GET requests

I’m not yet a Nuki Smart Lock owner, so please forgive my basic questions:

  1. Is it possible to open a Nuki lock via an HTTP GET request using a secret token? I ask because the apps available for Garmin watches that work with Nuki require a smartphone. It would be convenient to open the lock without a smartphone, simply by making an HTTP GET request via WiFi directly from an app like HttpClient.

  2. I see that most people in this forum use the Smart Lock Pro. I’m wondering if the added cost of the Pro is justified, given that the main differences seem to be the inclusion of WiFi and support for MQTT. Could the lack of WiFi be not as significant if we have a Matter hub? And are there any common scenarios where MQTT support is essential?

Yes, through the Nuki Web API.

The Pro also comes with a PowerPack and does have a metal finish.

Matter works out of the box with both locks.
If you have a Matter hub that supports NAT64 (e.g. Apple HomePod) and you want to use Nuki services (e.g. Web API) you can use the same features with the standard lock than with the Pro, after a one time payment.

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Thanks, @Juergen

Yes, through the Nuki Web API.

Is it possible to generate long-lived API tokens that expire after a year?

Does the Smart Lock require a connection to some cloud service, or can it function entirely within a VLAN without any Internet connection?