Node-RED: Detect Ring via Node-RED (Opener and Bridge)

Hello I own an Opener and a Bridge since a few day. I already read a lot of posts here and elsewhere on this but I cannot get a grip on what to do.

I want to detect a doorbell ring on the opener via Node-RED. I already did set up Oopener and bridge and I use the Nuki contrib in Node-RED. I can get status messages via the Nuki Nodes if I trigger them manually, but I have no idea what to do to detect a ring. It seems that this is done with some callback functions to the bridge but so far from the informations I found I am not able to understand how to use that.

Any help would be apprechiated. TIA.


For those looking for a solution, figured it out after quite some research and trial&error:

You have to register a http-callback on the bridge using the hostname of the Node-RED machine including the port.

for example


Only with the port included you can intercept the opener ring message in Node-RED via a http-in node.

My error was that I had omitted the port when registering the callback url in the bridge.