Node-RED: Detect Ring via Node-RED (Opener and Bridge)

Hello I own an Opener and a Bridge since a few day. I already read a lot of posts here and elsewhere on this but I cannot get a grip on what to do.

I want to detect a doorbell ring on the opener via Node-RED. I already did set up Oopener and bridge and I use the Nuki contrib in Node-RED. I can get status messages via the Nuki Nodes if I trigger them manually, but I have no idea what to do to detect a ring. It seems that this is done with some callback functions to the bridge but so far from the informations I found I am not able to understand how to use that.

Any help would be apprechiated. TIA.


For those looking for a solution, figured it out after quite some research and trial&error:

You have to register a http-callback on the bridge using the hostname of the Node-RED machine including the port.

for example


Only with the port included you can intercept the opener ring message in Node-RED via a http-in node.

My error was that I had omitted the port when registering the callback url in the bridge.

Hi Xanathon:
Could you please post here an example of you flow in node-red :pray:

I was willing to implement this action since I bought the NUKI two years ago, but couldn’t find a good way to do it :disappointed_relieved:

I was not able to get this implemented reliably in Node Red. Basically my Nuki Opener and the Bridge are expensive pieces of junk when it comes to home automation with Node Red or Homey Pro.

Edit: And as you can see here: False ring detected? you will not get any answers in this forum, so I abandoned it long ago.