No Nuki found - Apple Watch


Today I have got my Nuki Smart Lock 3.0. Installation and setup with my iPhone XS went both smooth and I am testing all the functionalities through.

Sadly there is for me NO WAY to manage to get the Apple Watch companion app to work. NO - WAY. The only message the app shows on the watch is: “No Nuki Found”. I tried to: install and uninstall and reinstall several times the Nuki app from the watch, reboot the watch, reinstall the watch app, reboot the phone, kill the Nuki app on the watch, no way. I have no idea what to do, usually I get through this things…this time I am resources-less.

Please help

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Please contact our support via the Nuki App (Menu > Help > Contact Customer Support) . This will generate a more detailed report which allows them to have a closer look at your problem.

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Done, i will tra to report here the solution (when available)