No notification in the app, when somebody is ringing from outside (Nuki Opener 1.3.1)

Somehow I didnt get any push notifications to my phone (Android, Samsung S9+), when someone is ringing to the building door.

Settings seems to be correct

Can you see the log entries for it in Nuki Web?
If also not, please check if Admin PIN is set there correctly and connection seems to work in general.

If this also doesn’t help please contact our support via so they can get back to you with direct help.

I guess, I found out the root cause.
The notifications are coming, but not when I ring to the house door.
When I ring to my flat door - I get the notification.

Something seems to be wrong with connections?
I have Siedle BTSV 850-03, which bells when you ring from house and from flat door.

What should I change in connection?
Initially it was connected like this:

I connected Nuki to the 1. And to the 3. Connectors from the top, additionally to 3 cables, which were connected before