No more notifications on s22 plus

Hey friends,

I have a Nuki Opener and bridge running for around 2 years.
Till last week without problems. Now I don’t get any notifications on my Samsung Galaxy S22 plus.
After checking everything re installing and resetting my Opener I found out that I still get notifications on my old Samsung Galaxy S20 plus. So I checked everything out what’s the difference between the two devices.
The Nuki App on both devices have the same version number.

At least after checking everything for hours I found out that I can’t turn on the push notifications for the Nuki App on the galaxy s22, because the point is missing completely in the app configuration.
On the S20 the point is still available.
Please check this to Screenshots there you can see more details. Both devices have the same version installed, I have linked Both devices to Nuki web.

Is there anybody, who can help me?

As new user I can’t upload pictures so I have to put Links as follow