No LockState / LockAction on Nuki 2.0

Hi, if i try to get or set the lock state, i only get response

{ "success": false }

NukiFW: 2.30
BridgeFW: 1.11.3

the bridge is only 2 meters away

I could only reproduce this when the smart lock is not available (removed batteries).

Can you see the smart lock in the /info endpoint (with "paired": true)?

And could you also check connection status shown in the App please?

Yes the status shows paired in API and App but no interaction between bridge and smartlock is possible

@reik.braune Mmh, can you try to access /lockState once more and then send me a Bridge-log afterwards (via PM)?

After i try a reset from Nuki and Nuki Bridge now it works normaly

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